Traditionally used in tropical countries where summer nights are hot and muggy and where sleeping on the ground is not an option due to the insects, the hammock is a great alternative to the traditional bed. And the Rolls Royce of hammocks is the Mayan hammock. From its origins inContinue Reading

Do you love the outdoors? Do you often camp out? Do you find it difficult to stake your tent and give its final, sturdy shape? Do you end up having a lousy outdoor adventure because your tent is easily knocked down? Well, here are a few suggestions on how youContinue Reading

If you live in the city, the chances of a killer bee attack are slim to none. However, if you’re out in the woods camping or hiking, you expose yourself to the possibility of being stung by bees. The Africanized Honey Bee (AHB) has been tagged the killer bee becauseContinue Reading

Going on a camping trip is one of the favorite vacation activities that can be done by the whole family. This is always a great opportunity to spend quality time with the children in a stress free environment. It is a fact that family members need some bonding time toContinue Reading

The Coachella Valley Arts and Music festival is a yearly event that attracts all kinds of people from the deepest reaches of the world. Now, during these events, people will be required to set up camp. While it is highly recommended to camp onsite due to the many benefits suchContinue Reading

How To Make a Dutch Oven Tripod

Outdoor cooking is always one of the best things that we look forward to when we do camping. It almost always brings back memories of the rugged life of the early days. Thoughts of how it was in the Wild west also come to our mind. Instead of the traditionalContinue Reading

How To Fix Tent Poles

If you own a tent, one of the problems that you may encounter is when one of your poles break. It can be frustrating to have an otherwise perfectly good tent go to waste simply because of a broken pole. Before you decide to throw away the tent, keep inContinue Reading

Owning a tent involves an expensive financial move. In fact, it is considered as a sound investment every family should have. It is a waste to lose a perfectly functional tent just because of improper techniques used in breaking it down or storing it. Here are the steps towards properContinue Reading

A mountain camping trip is exciting and adventurous. To make sure that you enjoy every moment of this experience, you need to be prepared. This will require you to carry heavy things so your body must be conditioned. Exercise, eat healthy and get enough rest to be fully charged forContinue Reading

An RV awning is very useful to have in your RV so that you can camp out in the summer without having to bake under the heat of the sun. RV awnings are available to purchase in specialty stores and hardware stores but you can make your own so thatContinue Reading

5 Steps For The Perfect Campfire

Having a great campfire while camping out is an absolute necessity. Whether it is just for S’mores or even more extreme survival purposes, knowing how to make a great campfire is crucial if you want to have an enjoyable experience next time you are in the outdoors. Knowing how toContinue Reading