One of the most thrilling aspects of camping is getting close to nature, but wild creatures may be unpredictable. Though harmful situations are unlikely, you should be ready to deal with them if they arise. Bears While most bears are fearful of humans and avoid them, they may also beContinue Reading

The Essential Camping Checklist for a Weekend Outdoors

Pack these basic supplies for a weekend camping trip: Bedding Sleeping bag Pillow Sleeping pad (and patch kit, if it’s an air mattress) Shelter Tent Ground cloth(s) Shade/rain tarp Personal Care Insect repellent Sunscreen Lip balm Toilet paper Tissues Towelettes Soap Towel and washcloth Toothpaste Toothbrush Deodorant Small metal mirrorContinue Reading

Camping Clothing and Footwear

Camping apparel (see camping equipment) can make or break a camping vacation, especially if the weather is really bad. Though the particular clothes to bring will vary depending on your intended activities and the weather, some general rules should be followed. Fabrics Breathable, resilient, and quick-drying textiles are ideal forContinue Reading

Camping Equipment | Tents & Camping Gear

Every year, a slew of new or updated goods appear in the outdoor outfitting business. Always keep your gear’s primary functions in mind; this will help you navigate through the enormous number of options and determine which features are vital and which are unnecessary. Camping Equipment – Sleeping Bags SleepingContinue Reading

How To Organize a Camping Trip

Why Go Camping? Camping is arguably the most adaptable form of vacation. You can plan a camping trip to suit almost any circumstance, skill level, or interest, from leisurely tent camping at a campground to serious backcountry mountaineering at high elevation and with no facilities. What all camping trips haveContinue Reading

Camping is an all-time favorite past time and usually, camping means cooking your meals on site, unless you are perfectly happy with protein bars and beef jerky. In order to make camping life a bit easier, you need to have your own kitchen box which can be used for storingContinue Reading

Camping is a good bonding activity for the whole family. You can do outdoor activities such as bird watching, trekking or fishing. All these activities can be tiring and you and your family must have a hearty dinner get you through your camping trip. This can be hard, especially forContinue Reading

Whenever you go out camping, trekking, or hiking in the outdoors, one of the most important items that should not be missing from your bag is the compass and an area map. Being a small device, a hand-held compass can easily be forgotten or misplaced. When this happens, you mayContinue Reading

Camping means a weekend of roughing it in the outdoors. This also means no hairdryer, no hot running water and a limited number of fashion options. Camping however doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking good when you hit the outdoors. It simply means you have to beContinue Reading

If you are an adventurous person who has gone camping and hiking in many places, you most likely know how important it is to lie down on a comfy and warm sleeping pad after a long tiring day. Nothing compares to the feeling of finally resting your entire body, whetherContinue Reading