The first essential fly tying tool is a vise, which holds the hook securely so that you can use both hands to manipulate thread and materials. When buying a vise for fly tying, there are a number of factors to consider: size, type of jaw system, clamp vs. pedestal bottom, andContinue Reading

Casting the fly is a matter of timing, not strength. Many beginning fishermen use more force than necessary, which results in a sloppy and less accurate cast. Casts should be as short as possible: in most freshwater fishing, you can approach within 50′ of the fish, so long casts are usuallyContinue Reading

Essential Fly Fishing Gear

Each of the main pieces of fly fishing gear—the rod, reel, line, leader, and flies—plays a big role in determining your success on the stream. Choosing the right gear will not only save you money but also make your fishing more enjoyable. The Fly Rod A fly rod can be as shortContinue Reading

Popular Freshwater Game Fish

Depending on where you live and the type of water in which you plan to fish, different types of game fish will be available for you to target. Following are a few of the most common freshwater game fish in the United States, along with a few basic guidelines onContinue Reading

How to Fish with Bait

Though lures are excellent for capturing fish, live bait is the simplest way to get a fish to bite. You’re simulating what a fish eats with a lure, but you’re presenting the actual thing with bait. Here are some baits to think about. Worms Earthworms are almost without a doubtContinue Reading

If you had to pick one all-purpose rod to cover most freshwater fishing needs, your best bet would be a combo unit—a spinning rod and reel combo. A rod that’s 6’–6’6″ in length will work with all different kinds of lures and bait. Plus, a spinning reel is easy to cast and handle:Continue Reading

How to Tie Fishing Knots

Knowing which knots to tie is one of the most difficult aspects of preparing your fishing line and hooks. Though an angler can use hundreds of specialized knots, you only need to learn a few simple ones, as shown below. Improved Clinch Knot The most frequent fishing knot is theContinue Reading

The Essential Fishing Gear Checklist for Outdoorsmen

Most people’s first experience with fishing is freshwater fishing in lakes, rivers, or streams. This guide focuses on fishing with a standard spinning reel, as opposed to fly fishing, which uses a fly rod and a very lightweight lure. If you want to go fishing, the first thing you should do is findContinue Reading

In fly casting, what will make you end with success is a tight loop. Since a small sized loop can make longer casts more effortless to throw, your success rate goes up when you use one. Hence, as a fly caster, you must know how to get a tight loop.Continue Reading