You need a bait to catch fish. You can buy fish bait, but you can also get your own bait. You can use earthworms and night crawlers as baits for fishing. Earthworms can be found by digging on dirt and night crawlers can be found on your garden at night.Continue Reading

Fly fishing is extremely popular these days and if you are one of those who want to start learning how to fly fish, learning how to hold the rod properly is one of the first steps that you need to learn. A firm grip on your fishing rod increases yourContinue Reading

An ice fishing pole is a tool that anglers use in order to catch fishes during the winter months. Ice fishing is a wonderful experience and you can catch plenty of fishes if you have the right equipment and the skills to use it. If you are just starting outContinue Reading

Dough balls can serve the purpose of normal fishing baits that you buy from the market. You can even make them of different flavors so you can attract different kinds of fishes like catfish and carp. If you want to learn how to make dough balls for fishing, here areContinue Reading

Ask any serious fisherman and they’ll tell you that any fisherman worth their salt is only as good as their equipment. And the most beloved rod is the most fragile one as well: the fly rod. These expensive rods are made from high modulus graphite, fine tuned and balanced toContinue Reading

Ah, to fish. Nothing beats the pleasure of sitting on a river bank, holding a fishing rod and waiting for fish to take the bait for a prized catch. Fishing is a favorite past time by most Americans and this activity selects no season for even in winter, some peopleContinue Reading

Have you already attached the backing to your reel spool? Then, you should prepare for your next task. You should tie your fly fishing line to the backing. You can effectively do that by creating an Albright knot. Here are some instructions to help you out: Hold the end ofContinue Reading

The fine art of ice fishing requires a smidgen of fishing skill, a superhuman resistance to cold and a lot of patience. When a pond ices over, the best lure to use to catch fishes would be shiners. Game fishes will jump at the chance to go after shiners soContinue Reading

Fly fishing is a method of fishing which engages the use of an artificial fly. The fly anglers throw hooks, which have materials attached to it such as feathers, foam, fur, and other similar types to take the place of the more traditional baits of worms and others. It hasContinue Reading

If you enjoy fly fishing, then you know that it is essential that you learn when to use what type of bait. Knowing when and how to use either wet flies or dry flies can mean the difference in a successful fishing trip or one wherein you don’t catch anythingContinue Reading