Having a trusty leather saddle is a must when you are riding your horse. Imagine riding your horse without it – it will certainly be a bumpy ride. If you want to make your saddle last longer, you should learn how to maintain a leather saddle. Here are a fewContinue Reading

It stinks all the time—no matter how many times you wash it. Saddle pad will still smell so nasty. But at least, cleaning it will make your horse and yourself comfortable. Who would want to sit on a dirty pad, anyway? Fortunately, cleaning the saddle pad doesn’t have to beContinue Reading

Horse-riders make mounting a horse look so easy but if you are a beginner, you know it’s not as easy as it seems. It will take practice but as you go along it will get easier. Now when it comes to mounting a horse sidesaddle, here are suggestions to goContinue Reading