How To Camp Off-Site for Coachella

The Coachella Valley Arts and Music festival is a yearly event that attracts all kinds of people from the deepest reaches of the world.

Now, during these events, people will be required to set up camp. While it is highly recommended to camp onsite due to the many benefits such as security, proximity, and outright convenience, it is also limited.

This means that if you don’t get the tickets in time, you will lose your spot. When this happens, don’t fret as there are other alternatives for you to not miss the event.

Camping off-site is the next best thing and there are literally dozens of options out there. Here are some tips to camp offsite but within a 10-mile radius of the festival grounds.

Research, research, and research

Finding a fantastic offsite camping spot is actually a simple task that requires a couple of hours of research. For starters, your best bet to find the best spots that are at an acceptable distance from the festival grounds is to visit

The site features the directions to get to the festival from all directions as well as options you can explore to camp in. Some of the top offsite spots are Shadow Hills, which is an RV resort, the Joshua Tree National forest, and the Riverside National Park.

These sites feature tons of space where you can set up camp in. Now, these are just some of the options available so, make sure to do the research to find that perfect spot.

Make the reservations

As soon as you shortlist the campsites and grounds you think you will enjoy staying in, whether it is an RV resort, a tent or car camp, or a safari tent area, book your reservations so that a spot will be waiting for you when you arrive. Contact a travel club or communicate your request directly with the place you choose.

Make sure to inquire about the different amenities provided by the campsite as well as the fees they will charge you as you enter.

Prepare for the camp

Obviously, the preparation will vary with the particular camping grounds you chose. Nevertheless, make sure you have the basics with you such as food, water, clothes, cooking supplies, tents, blankets, cushions, and an emergency kit filled with medical supplies. If you chose an RV resort, then you probably have everything set already.

Prepare your budget

Camping off-site may be cheaper than the on-site option but it will still cost you some dough. Since you already made your reservations and know the costs for camping on the reserved site, you probably already have a set budget in mind.

Now, all you have to do is double the budget. Yes, you heard it right. Make sure to bring a little more money than what you planned just in case of emergencies. Credit cards are nice but cold hard cash is better.

Once you arrive at the site, make sure to set up camp and start enjoying. The real reason you went through all the trouble is to enjoy the festivities and the company of the people with you. Have fun. You probably deserve it.

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