How To Choose a Family Friendly Campground

Going on a camping trip is one of the favorite vacation activities that can be done by the whole family. This is always a great opportunity to spend quality time with the children in a stress free environment.

It is a fact that family members need some bonding time to grow closer and going camping is one of those moments where you can do so. However not all camping grounds are the same and you must ensure that the one you have chosen will be suitable for your family.

Here are some tips on how to choose a family friendly campground

  • Search for campgrounds around your state. You can visit the Go Camping America website to locate a family friendly campground. They have a list of private parks and campgrounds across the United States. Look at the helpful tips provided by the website while you search for a suitable campground. Another website that you can look into is the Camping USA site where you can locate a campground by state.
  • Look for a campground that lists the activities the campground hosts for kids. Check what activities they offer from the campground website. You can also make a call and inquire what they activities they host that are suitable for kids. Look at their advertisements. These are usually part of the main features that a family friendly campground will advertise to attract family campers.
  • Look for a campground that has a pool. This is a great facility that will provide your kids with hours of fun. Make sure that the campground employs licensed and/or certified lifeguards on duty; otherwise you will have to supervise your kids and look after their safety while they are in the pool.
  • Visit the campgrounds that you have chosen to check the facilities yourself. Look for kid-friendly playground equipment and clean surroundings. Locate toilet facilities, sources of water, convenience stores that are open 24/7 and family restaurants within the campground or near it.
  • Look for campground where all the amenities and facilities are centrally located and accessible from any direction. This is a clear indication that the campground is family friendly because your comfort and convenience are taken into consideration.
  • Check if the campground has clear and complete warnings signs and directional markers as well as a trail map designed with kids in mind. Follow the trail to make sure that it is indeed kid-friendly and that there are no areas that can be dangerous for kids.
  • Look for campground that has a community center where children can play video games and watch DVDs. This indicates that the campground is family centered and is providing all the amenities that will help the family have an enjoyable stay within the campground.

Ensure that you have checked out the campground for its suitability for each member of your family. Check also other amenities that may be provided by a good and family friendly campground such as laundry and pet services. And make sure that the campground is not an all-year round one where children are not allowed at certain times of the year.

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