How To Hammer Tent Stakes when Camping

Do you love the outdoors? Do you often camp out? Do you find it difficult to stake your tent and give its final, sturdy shape? Do you end up having a lousy outdoor adventure because your tent is easily knocked down? Well, here are a few suggestions on how you can efficiently hammer your tent stakes when camping out:

Survey your campsite

Look for an ideal place. Decide where you want to build your tent. Make sure that the soil isn’t too soft. You may also find it more difficult to push your stakes directly into a rocky soil. Of course, the above-mentioned instructions only apply if you are heeding regular camping conditions.

In case you are camping out in a sandy area or in a hard snow, you may need to rely on stakes that are specifically designed for those special conditions so you can ensure better security.

Bring out your tent

Assemble it according to the supplier’s or manufacturer’s instructions. If it is too big, ask a companion to help you out. It is important that your tent is properly put together before you attempt to stake it out.

Look for your tent’s eyeholes or loops

You should easily find them. They are incorporated in the design so you can readily use them in holding your tent stakes. You should see an eyehole or a loop in each corner of your tent or in the portion where each pole is located.

Focus on the loop

Pull it to some extent – a bit away from your tent. Note that some designs may not allow this. Anyway, your main goal is to be able to insert a stake straight into that particular loop. Then, push down the stake directly into the soil.

Get a mallet, preferably made of soft rubber

Use it to tap the stake and to drive it fully right into the ground. See to it that the stake gets really deep into the ground. Drive it as much as you can. The deeper it goes into the ground, the more you can guarantee that your tent is sturdy. It is important that you tap your mallet persistently. It is going to allow you to put your stake completely into the soil.

Work out on the remaining eyeholes or loops.

Check out if your tent has extra stakes

If that is the case, finish driving the stakes at the corners first and then, you proceed with the extra stakes. Working on the extra stakes first can create problems. You may end up having an unstable or a misshapen tent.

Bear in mind that tent designs may vary. But don’t be overwhelmed by that. The slight variations are easy to address. Just make sure that you follow the same steps as suggested above. Also, if you find it difficult to completely drive your stakes into the ground, you literally have some tripping hazards. So, it pays to remember where your stakes are in order to avoid any tripping accidents.

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