How To Keep Fishing Worms Alive

You need a bait to catch fish. You can buy fish bait, but you can also get your own bait. You can use earthworms and night crawlers as baits for fishing. Earthworms can be found by digging on dirt and night crawlers can be found on your garden at night. You need to keep these worms alive so you can catch more fish on your fishing trip.

To keep fishing worms alive for fishing, here are the steps you need to do:

Buy a wading pool

While wading pools are used for swimming, you can also use these to keep your fishing worms alive. If you don’t have a wading pool at home, you can buy a child’s wading pool so you can use it for your worms. You also need to buy Buss bed-ding to fill the child’s wading pool. If you are not able to purchase Buss bed-ding, you can use regular soil, peat moss or news paper for bedding.

Keep the bedding damp but do not let it overflow with water or your worms will drown. By keeping it damp, the worms will still be able to breathe. Feed the worms with vegetable, fruits and bread scraps. Do not feed with salty foods, dairy products and meat. Acidic foods are also not good for the worms. Make sure that you put the child’s wading pool away from sunlight. Put this on a shady place because exposure to sun will prevent these from living longer.

Use a container

You can also use different containers for keeping the worms alive like a coffee container made with plastic. Fill half of the container with damp soil or peat moss. You need to put these in the refrigerator so make sure to put a label on it to avoid your family from accidentally opening it. It’s better if you can find a small refrigerator, which you can use particularly for keeping worms.

This does not only avoid family members from accidentally opening the worm container but you can also store more worm containers. You can put the small refrigerator on your garage or anywhere away from the kitchen so that others will not mistake it for the kitchen refrigerator. Worms kept on refrigerator will last longer.

Bring ice

If you’re already fishing and it’s a hot day, you can keep the worms alive by using ice. Make sure to bring an ice cooler with you and fill half of the cooler with ice. Put the worm containers on top of the ice and close the cover of the ice cooler.

If you need the worms for bait, get some on the worm container but immediately close the lid and put it back on top of the ice on the ice cooler. Close the ice cooler to keep the worms cool. This will avoid exposure to sun’s heat and this will keep the worms alive for your whole day of fishing.

The movement of the worm is very important to attract the fish. That’s why you need to keep your fishing worms alive to get more fish. By keeping the worms alive, you don’t have to catch worms or purchase baits on every fishing trip.

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