How To Make a Mayan Hammock

Traditionally used in tropical countries where summer nights are hot and muggy and where sleeping on the ground is not an option due to the insects, the hammock is a great alternative to the traditional bed. And the Rolls Royce of hammocks is the Mayan hammock.

From its origins in the Yucatan peninsula, Mayan hammocks are made from vertical looms and no two are identical.

Famous for its wonderful designs and for the comfortable sleep it brings, Mayan hammocks provide relaxation and rest in one neat bundle.

Follow the steps below to create a Mayan hammock.

Loom with a view

Measuring 6 feet by six feet, a hammock loom is made from two vertical, cylinder like posts with two horizontal crossbars.


This is a process that wraps much of the twine around the loom’s vertical post. Then take the remainder of the twine and wrap them around the weaving shuttles.


First create the crochet reinforcement. This will help keep the hammock bed to keep its shape. Most large hammocks will have up to 20 rows of this reinforcement. Next, interweave the yarn on the shuttles with that which is wrapped around the loom.

Keep it constant

While you’re weaving and creating patterns on the hammock, always keep a uniform tension on the warp. Inconsistent tension creates lumps and dips in the hammock. Keep this up until you cover the desired dimensions of your hammock.

The bed of a Mayan hammock is always meant to be used crossways so keep that in mind while you’re making the hammock bed. This provides a lot of room and provides a flatter, relaxing rest position.

Mind the edges

Edges of a Mayan hammock must be woven a little tighter than the bed so that it retains its shape. A crochet knit reinforcement is used to make that strip that keeps the shape of the hammock. Seeing more rows of the knit is a good thing because it will help keep the shape over many years.

Put in the end strings

When you’re done weaving the hammock, you need to proceed to create the arms and loop protectors. Apply constant tension and make sure that the end strings are of equal length.

The end strings are warped in a fluid manner and afterwards, bundle the outermost parts and wrap them tightly together to form the hammock loop, or wrist.

A hammock with a lot of end strings have more points for weight distribution, this is great when you have your whole family snuggling on the hammock.

There you have it! A genuine Mayan hammock that can hold your whole family comfortably.

Mayan hammocks are sent to all over the world. They are popular in resorts all over coastal cities and beaches. Many boats have hammocks as sleeping areas because they are easy to store and even easier to wash.

They can keep you cool during the summer months and can keep you warm during the colder months. Hammocks are great because their rocking motion gently lulls you to sleep.

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