How To Pack for a Mountain Camping Trip

A mountain camping trip is exciting and adventurous. To make sure that you enjoy every moment of this experience, you need to be prepared. This will require you to carry heavy things so your body must be conditioned.

Exercise, eat healthy and get enough rest to be fully charged for your trip. Aside from these, you also need to prepare all the things that you need to bring for your camping. Make a list of all the things that you need and prepare these ahead of time. You can put these on one corner of your room and pack a day before your trip.

Here are the steps on how to pack for a mountain camping trip.

Prepare backpacks

You need to use durable backpacks with ample space to put your things. You don’t want to worry about your backpack being torn. You can’t carry all your things with your bare hands. There are camping bags available that you can use.

Bring a tent

This is a must for camping. You don’t want your skin to burn under the hot sun and you don’t want to be soaking wet if it rains. Bring a light tent so you can easily carry it. If you don’t have a tent, you can purchase one on stores selling camping gears.

To make it more comfortable for you to sleep or rest on your tent, bring a sleeping pad so you will not hurt your back with the hard surface.

Pack water and food

You need something to keep you full along the way and while on the camping site. You don’t have to bring too much water because if you’re camping on a mountain, there will surely be sources of water that you can find. However, to be sure that it’s safe to drink the water that you’ll find, bring water purification tablets with you.

After the long walk while carrying heavy bags, you need food to get your energy back. You can bring cheese, milk, soda, crackers, bread, hotdogs, burgers and fruits. Canned goods and packed soups are also convenient since canned goods can be eaten without cooking and packed soups just need hot water.

Bring camp stove, fuel as well as small pot and pan to cook. Try these before your camping trip to make sure that these are working properly.

Prepare clothes

The clothes you need to wear for your camping trip should be comfortable. Wear camping boots to protect your feet. It’s better to layer your clothes so that you’ll be ready whatever the weather will be. If it’s cold, you can keep wearing your jacket or long sleeved shirt.

If it gets hot, you can just remove this and tie this on your waist or put in your bag. Bring extra set of clothes to make sure you have something to wear in case your clothes get wet.

Include first aid kit

To be ready in case minor accidents happen or someone gets sick, bring alcohol, cotton, bandage, antibiotics and pain reliever.

Double check your list and pack all of these on your backpacks a day before your camping trip. Bring a flashlight as well and include spare batteries since it will be dark on your camping site.

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