How To Protect Your Fly Fishing Rod

Ask any serious fisherman and they’ll tell you that any fisherman worth their salt is only as good as their equipment. And the most beloved rod is the most fragile one as well: the fly rod. These expensive rods are made from high modulus graphite, fine tuned and balanced to be a precision piece of fishing equipment.

Fly rods are great when casting, reeling and hauling in fish but are notoriously fragile when in storage. An improperly kept fly rod will sustain damage in the rod tips, line guide, cork handles, and fishing line, rendering your expensive investment an expensive mess.

These fly rods need to be stored properly when not in use so that fishermen have more quality hours with them while paddling and angling upriver. Below are a few storage suggestions.

Clean first

The first step to proper storage is cleaning the fly rod. Rinse the rod in fresh water then dry it out completely using either a chamois rag or by sun drying it. If you use the rod for saltwater fishing, you should be twice as careful rinsing it out. Salt can accumulate in the little nooks and crannies of the rod and this is very corrosive to the fly rod material.

Remove everything

Unhook any tackles, lures, sinkers or anything attached to it. Anything still on the rod will put a lot of unnecessary strain upon it, making it brittle and fragile.

Storage conditions

Fly rods are best kept in a dry, cool and shaded area. Make sure it doesn’t come into contact with heat sources and direct sunlight as these can make the material weaker and more brittle.

Rod rack

Never lean your rods against the wall. Use a rod rack for storage. Choose a rod rack that supports both ends of the handle and the rod shaft if you’re going for a horizontal rack. If you want a vertical rack, pick one that supports the rods at the handle vertically.

Rod tubes

These are great for storage and transport! These storage compartments are designed to specifically keep the rod safe and functioning over long periods of time. They are also great for transporting the rod to and from your fishing trips. These come in PVC type plastics or a lightweight aluminum case.

Rod/reel cases

A more portable option, this is ideal for fishermen who fish often. These cases are made in a certain way that allows fishermen to quickly break down the rod at their ferrules then slide them down for storage. Their compact design makes them ideal for fishermen who don’t have a lot of storage space at home.

Rod Socks/Sleeves

These are sheathes made of fabric where you can slide your fly rod for storage and transport. Most serious fishermen just use this as a protective cover and store the rod in either a rod tube or case. Rod socks/sleeves offer little protection as it is possible to scratch them even while not in use and is only good for keeping dirt and grime off.

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