How To Repair a Hole in your Tent

Owning a tent can be fun, you can go out on adventures whenever you want. You cannot help it though, after many years of using your trusty tent during your camping trips, to discover that your tent has acquired a lot of holes.

You won’t notice it at first, since they are probably tiny holes or tears, but these holes will be there and you need to repair them before you go to your next camping trip, or you’ll find yourself in a drippy tent if it starts to rain. If you wish to repair holes in your tent without incurring a lot of costs, follow the steps below.

Prepare the materials that you will need

For this, you will need some sail tape or tent tape, a couple of alcohol wipes and a repair adhesive. You will get these in an outdoor goods store, so it won’t be such a difficult task for you. These items are not too expensive and you can use them for a long time, so don’t worry about the expenses.

Go out in your lawn

Choose a sunny day, and go out in your lawn. Set up your tent as if you will be using it for the night. Get inside the tent and zip up the door flaps, it will become dark inside. If your tent has holes, the sunlight will stream into your tent, via these holes. Once you spot them, make a mark with an erasable marker.

Prep the holes

Like in any surgery, you must first make sure that the “wound” is clean before you make any treatments to it. Take some alcohol wipes and wipe the areas you have marked. Do this from both the inside and the outside.

If you don’t have alcohol wipes, you may get some cotton balls and soak them with alcohol. Clean the wholes thoroughly and let it dry.

The tale of the tape

Take out your tent or sail tape and measure out the size of the holes using the tapes. You should then cut out two pieces of tent tape patches to cover up the hole. Don’t measure out the exact size of the hole.

Extend the measurement, so that it extends beyond the size of the holes that you have discovered. Round out the corners of your tent tape patch.

You shouldn’t leave behind sharp corners in your patches, so they won’t poke your tent and make newer holes.

The tape will come in different colors, so it is up to you if you want to pick out the same color as your tent or if you want to improvise and make funky designs out of the patches.

Cover up the holes

Take the tent tape patches and remove the adhesive backing. Patch up the holes from both the outside and inside of the tent, making sure that you align the patches with each other.

Seal the edges

Take out your tube of repair adhesive. Choose the clear one so it doesn’t appear messy. Seal the edges of the patches by dabbing a few drops on them. This will prevent the patches from peeling back, ensuring that the holes are secure, once and for all.

Leave to dry

Let the adhesive and patches dry completely. Leave the tent under the sun for about half an hour before you pack up your tent.

Now your tent is as good as new. You can now enjoy another outdoor adventure with your friends and family.

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