How To Set the Hook when Trout Fishing

Ah, to fish. Nothing beats the pleasure of sitting on a river bank, holding a fishing rod and waiting for fish to take the bait for a prized catch. Fishing is a favorite past time by most Americans and this activity selects no season for even in winter, some people still manage to go fishing. Most fisher folk go for the trout when fishing. Trout is delicious and very abundant in lakes and rivers. But fishing for trout may not be that easy especially for beginners. If you want to yield a good harvest from trout fishing, you need to follow certain techniques in setting the hook. Here are some tips:

Use only the best fishing hooks

Trout fishing requires precision. If you use the wrong kind of hook, you will end up sitting all day without getting any fish. Hence it is wise to invest well on fishing hooks for trout. Take note of the following reminders when selecting the best hooks:

Consider the size of the hook

Trout fishing is more manageable when you use smaller hooks, about 8 or 10 up to 12 in maximum size, depending on the environment where you will fish. With very clear waters, smaller hooks are better because they are very visible. Trout fish will know if an object dangling in front of them is a fishing hook or not. Hence with clear visibility, they tend to swim away from large fishing hooks. On the other hand, if the water is a bit cloudy, use larger fishing hooks as the fish will not be able to see them very clearly. The advantage of larger fishing hooks is that the fish will most likely bump into them as they swim along because of their size.

Go for sharp hooks

With sharp hooks, the fish will not be able to get away anymore once it is caught. Now hooks, though sharp as they are, also become dull in time. Avoid reusing them over and over. Check the sharpness each time you go out fishing. With dull hooks, you will miss your catch as the objects will just slide off from the mouth of the fish.

Configure the hooks the right way

There is this fishing method called “Powerbait” fishing, referring to a special set up of fishing hook using No. 10 plain hook which is attached at the back of another small hook (treble). Another effective configuration of hooks for trout fishing is the gang hook. This set up consists of several fishing hooks attached together. With a group of hook waiting for the trout to bite in – you are surely going for a prized catch in your fishing expedition.

Mount the baits strategically

Even with the right hook set up, trout fishing will not be successful just yet if your baits are not mounted well. The baits should be fresh and tasty enough for the trout to be attracted. Some baits, which are readily available at stores for fishing gear, come with various flavors, sizes and shapes. Buy those with enticing flavors and scents that fish usually get drawn to.

Setting the hook for trout fishing is a matter of acquired skill. Practice, as they say, makes perfect. Observe how trout reacts with your hook set up each time you go fishing and remember to reassemble the hooks according to the situation. Happy fishing and have a good catch!

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