How To Set Up Sleeping Bags in Tent Camping

For first time campers or for those who haven’t camped in a long time, setting up sleeping bags can be a foreign act. If you are planning on having a camping trip soon, you need to brush up on the tips listed below regarding proper sleeping bag arrangement. It is quite easy especially if you have someone else with you doing the setup.

Setting up the tent

The first thing you need to have is the tent. Tents often come with some set up instructions. Be sure to have the rain fly set up, too. Do not be too excited and start piling up all of your bags immediately after you have set up the tent. For you to be able to properly line up the sleeping bags, you must have a clear tent space first.

Knowing how many are sleeping in

You also need to know just about how many people will be sharing the tent and how many have sleeping bags with them. Most sleeping bags can only accommodate one person. When you know how many should fit in your tent then you can estimate how much personal space each person has.

Roll your sleeping pad out. For those who cannot fit into the bags, then maybe someone can lend a thick blanket to serve as their sleeping mat. Remember that the ground can be very cold and having that extra liner of padding can help a lot.

Making the sleeping bag breathe

You must shake your sleeping bag out when you roll it out. This will help trapped air escape and loosen up the sleeping bag material. Sometimes when a bag has been rolled tight even if it was still moist, then when you roll it out there’s a slightly unattractive smell on it.

Positioning your bag

When you have rolled it out, position your bag in such a way that it does not touch the edges of the tent. Since cold, night air touches the outside panel of the tent, putting your sleeping bag right next to it will transfer the cold temperature into the bag and eventually, on to you. If you must place something to the edge of the tent, just have your bags and other things touch the sides.

Rolling up the sleeping bag

When you are done camping and cleaning up, you need to properly roll back the sleeping back into the stuff sack. You can do this by folding it halfway lengthwise and then rolling it as tightly as you can. You can help yourself roll it tight by rolling it on the ground, with you bent over it. Your knees should be over the sleeping bag as you push it tight. Have the stuff sack close by so that when you have rolled it tight, you can easily slip it in the stuff sack.

Be sure that there are no stray items in your sleeping back when you roll it, especially sharp objects like pens or forks. Make sure no blades of grass are stuck and the sleeping bag is dry when you roll it.

Help your sleeping bag last a very long time by keeping it clean and away from direct sunlight when you store it. Invest in a good quality sleeping bag since it is such a big hassle to buy one every time you need to go camping.

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