How To Sleep Outside while Camping

Going camping is a lot of fun. Sleeping under the stars is a great way to commune with nature and get a lot of fresh air. It can be a truly invigorating experience to wake up with the sunshine and go to sleep under the moonlight.

If you are going camping and have some worries about how you’ll be able to sleep without your bed, don’t worry. Here are some things you can do so you can sleep outside while camping.

Bring all the necessary beddings

If you want to be able to sleep comfortably while you are camping, you need to bring a comfortable sleeping bag. Make sure the sleeping bag you get is well padded and can keep you well insulated from the elements. You may want to bring a small pillow or an extra blanket for your comfort.

Try using an inflatable mattress if you feel that you need a little extra back support, or if you find the ground too rough. As long as you are willing to carry it with you, you should be able to use it without any problem.

Position your beddings and campsite in a safe and stable area

Choose a campsite that is in a small clearing. Make sure it is away from the path or from other animals such as deer. Decide if you want to have a campfire in the center where you will all sleep, or if you prefer to put out the fire so you can all sleep in the darkness. Check the ground where you will set up your sleeping bed or inflatable mattress. You don’t want an area that has too many rocks or pebbles.

Make sure you are wearing the right clothing

Wear lots of layers when you go camping. This way, you can peel it off if you get too hot or add an extra sweater or jacket as needed. You should also wear socks when you sleep outdoors. This will keep your body warm. Some people even like using a knitted cap to contain more body heat.

Spray your beddings and sleep clothes with repellant

To make sure that the bugs don’t feast on you while you sleep, spray a generous amount of insect repellant on your sleeping bag. You should also spray some on your clothing. Use OFF Deep Woods or Repel Insect Spray. If you don’t like the smell, simply spray the repellant a few minutes before you go in your sleeping bag to allow it to air out.

Go to sleep early

Sleeping outdoors while camping lets you do things in a basic manner. This means that you should also go to sleep soon after sundown and avoid staying up late. Avoid the creepy ghost stories if you don’t want your imagination running wild.

Enjoy the natural sounds of nature

When you close your eyes, you may be overwhelmed by the silence. As you get used to the quiet, you’ll soon realize that the outdoors has its own nighttime symphony. You may hear the crickets, owls and other nocturnal animals. This is simply a part of nature and you should take comfort in it.

Once you try it, you may realize that sleeping outside while camping can be one of the best ways for you to fall asleep. Instead of snuggling in your tent the next time you go camping, try sleeping outside.

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