How To Toast Marshmallows over a Fireplace

ne of the most enjoyable activities you and your family would always look forward to is camping and along with it, the age-old tradition of toasting marshmallows over a fire. Huddled together, you can have a night of storytelling and bonding, while enjoying the delicious flavor of these toasted goodies.

But when disagreeable weather conditions prevent you from doing that or you simply do not have enough time to spend in the great outdoors, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the experience even while you are indoors.

With a nice and warm fireplace, you can still capture the essence within the confines of your home and have your toasted marshmallows just the way you want it. The kids will surely have great fun taking turns at toasting up their marshmallows right over your fireplace, much as they would outside. Here’s how to do it.

Light up your fireplace

When you begin to light up your fireplace, it is best to make use of real logs. Duraflame and other imitation logs of this sort are not advisable as you will be cooking up food over it, which will be dangerous to your health. Stick with the real thing to stay safe.

It is also not necessary to build a huge fire when toasting marshmallows. A small one will do very nicely to get them toasting perfectly. A big fire would also be unsafe as you will be needing to open up those grates covering your fireplace a lot while browning your marshmallows to perfection.

Select the appropriate marshmallow sticks

Although you may pick up some nice twigs to stick your marshmallows in when camping outside, you might also want to consider purchasing sticks that are manufactured especially for roasting marshmallows. You can be sure that they will withstand the heat of your fire as you do your toasting.

When choosing sticks from outside however, make sure that they are not brittle or break easily when exposed to fire.

When inserting your marshmallows into their sticks, make sure that they are placed directly in the center and not towards the sides so that they stay attached to the sticks while toasting. It is also a better idea to place one marshmallow per stick so that it is toasted evenly all around.

Start toasting your marshmallows

As soon as your marshmallows are prepared and inserted on your sticks, and your fireplace is lit up nicely, open up the grate in front of it and start toasting your marshmallows.

Hold your marshmallow stick at just the right height from the flame and slowly rotate it till the marshmallow takes a nice and golden brown appearance.

Make certain that when the children are doing it, you are watching closely to make sure that everything is safe, especially with the younger ones. You may toast the marshmallows yourself if you want but the kids will surely want to have a hand at doing it themselves.

As soon as you have toasted your marshmallows completely, take your stick away from the fire and then gently pull away your cooked marshmallow from it. Allow it to cool down for a few minutes before eating.

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