How To Use a Camping Sink

Camping is a very challenging and demanding activity. You need to bring as much items for survival and first aid, and at the same time, you need to limit the items to essentials as you cannot possibly carry your entire house.

A camping sink is probably something that not all campers prioritize when packing for a trip. However, bringing one will be a lot of help for tasks like washing the dishes, washing your face or hands. Camping is not an excuse for not being hygienic. Besides, these special sinks are very portable.

Here are ways on how you can use a camping sink for your next trip:

Choose the sink for you

There are several camping sinks available, but they can be classified into two types: the basic and the advanced. If you are looking for a sink that provide the essential functions only, you can go with the basic sinks.

These are portable and more inexpensive. But for a more sophisticated approach to the wilderness, you might want to try the advanced camping sink with features such as hot and cold water dispenser.

How to use the basic camping sink

Fill the sink with water. You can use bottled drinking water packed for the trip. But as this can be tedious to do considering that you will have to carry all those water bottles, you can opt for water from the river, lake, etc. If you choose to use water from a natural source, do not forget to filter it.

You can bring a filter with you, but filter tablets are also an option. This will kill the bacteria and germs that may be harmful in case you use the water for cooking, drinking, or even washing your hands.

How to use the advanced camping sink

Camping sinks such as the Coleman Hot Water on Demand is more intricate to use than a basic sink. These sink requires a battery with proper charge to heat the water that goes out of the faucet. It’s like you are not away from home after all. It runs on 6V of battery than can be recharged.

This sink comes with a water container that can hold up to 5 gallons. Fill this using water, preferably potable. If you are getting water from a natural source, filter it first before placing inside the container. Make sure the heater is placed higher than the water container.

Once the water container is filled, attach the pump and the propane tank.

When using a sink with propane tank, take time to test it beforehand for leaks. This can be very dangerous. Also, these types of sinks have been designed to be used outdoors, not inside a tent. In case of a leak, the gas from the tank can be very dangerous to your health when enclosed.

Place the sink on a flat surface to refrain the water from spilling. Replace the water if it has been left idle for some time since this may already be contaminated and in need of filtering again.

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