Camping is a good bonding activity for the whole family. You can do outdoor activities such as bird watching, trekking or fishing. All these activities can be tiring and you and your family must have a hearty dinner get you through your camping trip. This can be hard, especially forContinue Reading

Whenever you go out camping, trekking, or hiking in the outdoors, one of the most important items that should not be missing from your bag is the compass and an area map. Being a small device, a hand-held compass can easily be forgotten or misplaced. When this happens, you mayContinue Reading

Camping means a weekend of roughing it in the outdoors. This also means no hairdryer, no hot running water and a limited number of fashion options. Camping however doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking good when you hit the outdoors. It simply means you have to beContinue Reading

If you are an adventurous person who has gone camping and hiking in many places, you most likely know how important it is to lie down on a comfy and warm sleeping pad after a long tiring day. Nothing compares to the feeling of finally resting your entire body, whetherContinue Reading

Well, isn’t there a 7-11 or an In-and-Out burger where you’re camping, hunting, or fighting for survival? Kidding aside, it isn’t always convenient or smart to catch  animal prey with a rifle especially when the animal in question is small like a squirrel or a bird. What you need isContinue Reading

A trip to the great outdoors is not for the faint hearted – be it for a few hours or for a few days. One should be prepared physically and mentally for the challenges ahead. Things do not always go your way so it is best if you are prepared.Continue Reading

Since some of the major parts of a camper are made of wood, such as the flooring and walls, it is highly vital that you prevent it from getting exposed to water. Remember, when water contacts wood and the wood is never aerated and treated quickly and properly, it willContinue Reading

Going on a picnic is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. When preparing for a picnic, it is not enough to grab a blanket and throw in your favorite meals into a basket. You should always remember to safely pack for your picnic. Food as well as personal safetyContinue Reading

Owning a tent can be fun, you can go out on adventures whenever you want. You cannot help it though, after many years of using your trusty tent during your camping trips, to discover that your tent has acquired a lot of holes. You won’t notice it at first, sinceContinue Reading

When camping, one of the dangers that you face is the natural wildlife that inhabits the place where you have decided to go camping. In most instances, the animals will mind their own business as long as you leave the animals alone. This also applies for bears that live inContinue Reading

For first time campers or for those who haven’t camped in a long time, setting up sleeping bags can be a foreign act. If you are planning on having a camping trip soon, you need to brush up on the tips listed below regarding proper sleeping bag arrangement. It isContinue Reading