How to Tie Camping Knots

How to Tie Camping Knots

A few simple knots will enable you to hang food from trees, pitch clotheslines, lug firewood, and secure tarps.

Square Knot

The square knot is a good general-purpose binding knot that joins two ropes. It’s secure and also easy to untie.

  1. Hold one rope (rope A) in your right hand and the other (rope B) in your left. Cross rope A over rope B, forming an X shape. Wrap rope A around rope B one time.
  2. Cross rope A back over rope B, forming a second X.
  3. Wrap rope A under and around rope B and pull tight.


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No matter how much stress is put on this strong loop, the bowline can always be untied easily. It’s used for attaching canoes to cars, helping people in rescue situations, and suspending food from trees so animals can’t reach it.

  1. Make a small loop (the “hole”) at one end of the rope, making sure that the shorter end of the rope lies over (rather than under) the longer end.
  2. Bring the shorter end up through the hole, around the longer end, and back down into the hole.
  3. Pull tight. (For added security, tie the loose end of the rope to the loop with a simple overhand knot.)


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Timber Hitch

Used to attach a single piece of rope to a piece of wood or tree trunk, the timber hitch can create a clothesline, rig a tarp, drag a heavy log, and perform countless other tasks.

  1. Wrap one end of the rope (A) completely around the tree or piece of wood and cross it under the rest of the rope (B). Double A back in the direction from which it came and pull snug.
  2. Tuck A under B several times, working back in the direction from which A came until you run out of rope. Pull hard on B to tighten the knot.

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