Horse Nutrition and Feeding

Your responsibilities at the stable may include feeding your horse, so it’s important to know the basics of horse nutrition and feeds. Horse Nutritional Requirements There are several types of nutrients crucial to horse health: Carbohydrates and fats: Both these nutrients provide a horse with energy. Carbohydrates are the horse’s primaryContinue Reading

Basic Horse Hoof Care

Even a minor injury to one of a horse’s four hooves can prevent you from riding effectively, if at all. So you must clean and check your horse’s hooves before and after every ride. Parts of the Hoof To care for a horse’s feet properly, you should know the partsContinue Reading

Horse Health Care How-Tos

Even horses have days when they should not exercise or be exercised. It’s important to assess your horse during the collecting and grooming phases of your riding day to determine whether it should be ridden. If a horse has any serious injuries, such as an open or closed wound, lamenessContinue Reading

Basic Horse Care For Beginners – How to Look After a Horse

There’s more to riding a horse than simply sitting atop the animal—proper care for the horse is also paramount. Horse care includes grooming, documenting its growth, recognizing health issues, knowing when it is and isn’t safe to ride, caring for the horse’s feet, attending to minor injuries, and feeding it.Continue Reading

What are the Most Popular Horse Breeds

Your riding instructor may also ask you to retrieve your horse by breed. Some horses are used primarily for driving; others are more suitable for riding. In all likelihood you will be introduced to one of these horses: Appaloosa Most Appaloosas have spots in different patterns covering the body. They may haveContinue Reading

Most Common Horse Colors And Markings

During a lesson, your riding instructor may ask you to go into the paddock area and retrieve your lesson horse. It’s unlikely that each horse will be wearing a name tag, so your instructor will use equine terms to describe it to you. For this reason, it’s important to knowContinue Reading

Horse Riding Lessons

Once you’ve chosen a riding center and style of riding, you’ll likely be presented with a few different options for lessons. Types of Lessons Different riding instructors have varied approaches to teaching horseback riding. You may want to try several instructors to determine which method is best for you. PrivateContinue Reading

Another choice you have to make is between the two primary riding styles, English and Western. Neither is easier nor harder than the other, and English, though associated with competitions, isn’t limited to those who want to compete. There are also competitive training styles that you might want to work your way upContinue Reading

The horse is a powerful animal, and riding one can be an immensely gratifying experience. Mastering skills that allow you to manage a horse is a long-term process. But regardless of your skill level, knowing the basics about horses and horsemanship will make the experience a safer one for you, other riders,Continue Reading

From coast to coast, there are many different horseback riding camps all around the country. Whether you live in California or Maine, you are sure to find one that is near you. The best way to find horseback riding camps is to turn to the World Wide Web. A simpleContinue Reading

Horseback riding can be a dangerous activity both for you and the horse. Because of this, it is necessary to train the horse properly, to maintain safety at all times. One of the best trainings you can give to a horse longeing. Though regarded as a simple exercise for theContinue Reading