How To Fix Tent Poles

How To Fix Tent Poles

If you own a tent, one of the problems that you may encounter is when one of your poles break. It can be frustrating to have an otherwise perfectly good tent go to waste simply because of a broken pole.

Before you decide to throw away the tent, keep in mind that you can actually repair it yourself. It won’t cost a lot of money (it’s certainly cheaper that buying an entirely new tent) and you can do the repairs yourself in a flash. So don’t cancel your weekend camping trip just yet. Follow the steps below so you can fix your tent poles.

Determine what needs to be fixed

Check how many poles need to be replaced and where the damage is. In some cases, if the pole is merely bent at an angle, you can push it back in place with a little pressure.

Purchase a tent pole repair kit

Determine the manufacturer of the tent you own. You can call the customer service number or go to the manufacturer’s website to order a repair kit. You will need to know the diameter of the pole you want to fix. For example, Coleman sells a universal tent pole repair kit that you can use with any of their product lines.

Everything you need will be included in the kit with easy to understand instructions. Simply follow the directions and your tent pole will be like new again.

Purchase a repair sleeve

This is a sleeve you insert the pole in so that you can use it again. It acts like a cast. You can buy these at sporting goods stores and anywhere camping supplies are sold. To use, slide the broken pole in. you can further secure the stability of the pole by reinforcing the sleeve with some duct tape. Make sure the broken part sits in the middle of the sleeve to ensure that it has the proper support.

Use an aluminum can

If for example you’re already out camping and you don’t have a tent repair sleeve with you, you can improvise a cast using a soda can. Clean the aluminum can and remove the top and bottom portion of the can so you only have the casing. Insert the pole through the can and press it down so it will be wrapped securely around the tent pole.

Replace the pole

You can call the customer service number or go to the company website and order a replacement fiberglass or aluminum pole. You can send it to the manufacturer if the product is still under warranty and you should get a replacement for free. If not, you will may a small fee.

In the future, be careful when you assemble and disassemble your tent. This way, you minimize the chances of causing damage to the poles. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions carefully so you put your tent together in the proper sequence with no damage to the poles. If you go camping, pack along a repair sleeve, just in case, so a broken tent pole doesn’t have to ruin your camping trip.

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