How To Break Down and Store a Tent

Owning a tent involves an expensive financial move. In fact, it is considered as a sound investment every family should have. It is a waste to lose a perfectly functional tent just because of improper techniques used in breaking it down or storing it.

Here are the steps towards proper care for your tent through the right way of breaking and storing it.

Before making any move on your tent, make sure you have released your tent stakes first

This will prevent you from causing any accidental ripping on your tent. Arrange the stakes on a neat pile, away from other people’s way.

After releasing the stakes, your tent will become movable

Keep it intact for a while. Open the tent doors. Grab the entirety of the tent and shake it off the ground. There is no need to shake it as vigorously, just enough for any soil remnant or debris to slide off the tent. Do this for a minute or so.

Be careful in handling the tent’s poles

Tent poles are the skeleton of the tent, giving its body the necessary form. It is best to be mindful not to deform the poles in any way. After detaching the poles from the tent, stack each of them neatly in a pile and also in safe distance from the heavy foot traffic. Observe some precaution to prevent any damage to your poles as well as preventing any injury from happening.

Spread the remaining skin of the tent on the ground

Make sure that it is the right side which is in contact with the ground’s surface. Place the tents components in a bundle, with the fly on the bottom of the pile, the footprint in the middle with its shiny side up, and the tent on the top. Fold the pile securely into three parts.

Get the storage bag of the tent, make sure that it is in perfect condition

It should be dried and with no holes or ripped parts. Place it on one end of the bundle you have made. Get the bundle arranged a while ago, and wrap it around the poles tightly.

As you place the complete bundle inside the bag, shake any dirt or debris that may still be sticking on the tent

Aside from shaking, use a sponge dipped in non-detergent soap and water. Wash it manually to prevent any damage. Never use the machine in cleaning it. Don’t soak it for some time as well. If there are wet parts, allow these to air dry. If you are willing to spend some amount, there are available tent coatings that you can apply to the tent’s surface just to ensure its perfect condition upon storage.

Store it in a place where it not too confined and where air can still pass through

This will prevent any mildew growth from happening. A closet is a good storage place.

Add more wilderness nights to the life of your tent. Enjoy it for more camping trips with your family and friends. It will last the long years through proper breaking and storage process.

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