How To Make an Ice Fishing Pole

An ice fishing pole is a tool that anglers use in order to catch fishes during the winter months. Ice fishing is a wonderful experience and you can catch plenty of fishes if you have the right equipment and the skills to use it. If you are just starting out with ice fishing, you might not want to invest in an ice fishing pole right away. The solution to this is to make your own ice fishing pole.

Find out how you can make your own ice fishing pole by following the steps provided below:

Materials and tools you need

The materials and tools that you need for making the ice fishing pole are an eye screw, 2 dresser hooks, electrical tape, rubber bands, a 12 inch dowel rod and a light fishing line. You can purchase these materials from your local hardware store or fishing store. The ideal length for the dowel rod is 12 inches. Dowel rods come in different widths. When buying the dowel rod, you can try and grip the different widths to test which one is most comfortable for you to use.

Making the ice fishing pole

Now you are ready to make the ice fishing pole. Get the eye screw and screw it on the outer part of the dowel rod. You can just twist the screw to make a hole or use a drill. The screw should not protrude to the other side of the dowel. Now you can insert the dresser hooks. Position the hooks a few inches above the bottom of your dowel rod. When you screw the hooks, the hooks should be facing away from one another.

Finishing the ice fishing pole

Get your electrical tape and wrap it several times around the area where you will be holding the fishing pole. This will give you a better grip on the pole so that it won’t slip easily. Get the fishing line and run it through the hole on the eye hook and down to the dresser hooks. You can use the rubber band and wrap it at the base of the fishing pole when you are not going to use it.

Now you have your very own ice fishing pole that you can use during the winter months. This fishing pole is meant to catch smaller fishes. You might need to build a better and sturdier rod if you plan on catching bigger fishes. To get more ideas on how you can build a fishing pole for ice fishing, you can go to Outdoor Life. The article on the website explains how you can make ice fishing poles in 4 ways.

When you already have all the equipment and tools you need for ice fishing, you may want to read some useful tips that can help you in catching fish. Go to the website Ice Fishing World. They have all the tips and tricks that you need to know to become successful in ice fishing. Topics on the website include safety, equipment and techniques that you can use.

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